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Why Custom Artwork?

A common oversight with Interior Designers is the important role custom artwork plays in the final stages of the design project.  Custom Artwork should never be an afterthought as it’s the last finishing touch that pulls the entire space together. Catalog art is typically great for accent pieces but using custom artwork for your prominent pieces is what will set you apart from everyone else.  Custom Artwork will guarantee the look you will need to finish off the space using proper materials to assure that finishing touch. Custom artwork also allows you the flexibility of hitting the correct price point to meet budgets.

With thousands of art options between the imagery itself, the medium or printing the images and the matting and framing selections that are available; a Designer can leave their personal mark thru custom artwork on every project and can be one of the most important steps in your design process.

Step One

Browse through our vast selection of images using the search options. With over 10,000 images, you are sure to find something to fit your needs. Once you select your image start building your artwork by providing your image size and selecting a substrate.

Step Two

After selecting your image, we provided two options for matboard configurations with 4 color options. Choose white, black, primary or secondary color (from the image). Our Art Designers will select the matboard color that best represents these primary and secondary colors in the image.

Step Three

We have provided 25 of our bestselling mouldings that cover a wide range of styles. After selecting your matboard, just add your frame. For more frame options you may go to


Step Four

Once your custom piece has been built, you can go through the quote process. After your quote has been received, one of our Art Designers will review and reach out for further information.


Print On Canvas

The Classic Canvas. Canvas gives artwork a fine art quality and the various wrapping options give you the freedom to select how you want to experience your artwork. Canvas wrapped images can be hung as a gallery wrap with no frame or mounted into a floater frame.

Print On Metal

Edgy and Modern. Printed on 1/8” brushed aluminum the metallic reflection glimmers through the ink whenever white is present in the image. For added effect, add a plain metal border around the image. Our aluminum is lightweight and will not warp. It is also completely waterproof. Metal artwork can be hung using floating bars mounted to the back of the artwork or by stand-offs for a more edgy-industrial look.

Print On Acrylic

Glamour and Sophistication. Have your image printed directly on the reverse side of a 1/4” – 3/8” clear acrylic sheet or glass. Maximize the coverage by printing the image full-bleed all around or add a clear border to the image to accentuate the substrate. Acrylic is light-weight and impact-resistant. All edges are polished for a clean look. Hang with stand-offs or floater bars allowing the image to float approximately 1” off the wall.

Print On Wood

Rustic. The natural wood substrate gives artwork a rustic feel. The knots in the wood make every piece unique. The whiter the image the more wood that shows through. Hang with either stand-offs or mount in your favorite moulding.