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November Beach IV

November Beach I

The Smoky Mountains

The Upper Yellowstone Falls

The Mount Washington Road

The Highlands of the Neversink

Richmond from the James

On the Coast of Florida


New Orleans

Mount Shasta

Mount Hood from the Columbia

Mount Desert, Coast of Maine

Lake Superior

Indian Rock

Harper’s Ferry by Moonlight

Golden Gate

Icelandic Pony


Farm Serenity

Guerola – The boat

One Rose

A White Rose

A Horse’s Mane

Expression of Emotion

Purebred III

Forest Adventure

Golden Lit Horse

Stoic Horses

Farm & Field VI

Farm & Field V

Farm & Country

Horse Run V

Horse Run IV

White Horse Portrait


Pier with Trees

My New Baby- Simonsen


Sensualidad musical – Marfanlo


Breaking Waves

Tropical Fan

Succulent Collection

Calm Waters

Looking Up


Over the Top