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Golden Urnes I

Golden Urnes II

Touch of Gold II

Touch of Gold I

Blue Map

Red Map

Nature’s Rhapsody II

Outside II

Outside I

In Waiting

Moroccan Beads

Aboriginal Dot II

Aboriginal Dot I

Frenchie Puppy

Pug Puppy

Motif II

Motif I

Garden of Gold II

Garden of Gold I

Musical Violin

Musical Sax

Fruit IV

Fruit III

Fruit II

Fruit I

Secret Gold IV

Secret Gold III

Secret Gold II

Secret Gold I

Golden Bunch

African Pattern

African Lines II

African Lines I

African Diamonds

African Compostion

African Circles



Folk II

Folk I

Pattern III

Pattern II

Pattern I

Budda Print

Medalion Inka

Blue Map

Blue butterfly

Cool Mosaic III