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Notre-Dame, Paris

Ile de la Cit?, Paris

Arriving at Manhattan

Mystic Journey II

Mystic Journey I

The Chase

Sunset Sailing

Right Here

Rainbow Armada

Mystic Journey II

Mystic Journey I

Moving Forward

Manhattan Reflections

Lake Quinault

Irish Dawn


Free Sailing

Four Boats at Sunset

Doryman’s Boat

Calm Waters

Autumn Afternoon

Adrift I

Reflejos en el Estanque

Morning’s Promise

White Sails I

Velero Azul


Smooth Sailing II

Smooth Sailing I


Sea Sail

On the Winds

Ocean Regatta


Lost and Found

Holding Strong

Heading Out

Guide You

First Sail II

First Sail I

El Descanso de las Tres Barcas

Canoe II

Barcas Descansando

Adrift I

Mimosas y Limones

Structure II

Sea and Sky II

Pick-up Sticks